Holiday Themed Essays

I like writing in threes, not just three essays at a time but essays that share a common thread. Each Christmas essays highlights a particular virtue, tells an autobiographical tale, and reflect on one of my favourite seasonal films.

The last time I wrote about Christmas was my senior year in high school.  I wrote a parody of the Night Before Christmas with Santa as a drunk driver crashing into a house.  They used it in our senior play although my edgier lines – like Santa filling the stockings as he heaved with a jerk  – were neutered out of existence and the final product was rather lame.  These essays are heavily autobiographical but I do employ some artistic licenses in an attempt to make them a little more interesting.  Please don’t take anything I say too seriously.

Yes Sarnia, There is a Santa Claus

All I Want For Christmas is for it to be Over!

Why a Padded Toilet Seat is a Bad Christmas Gift

These next series of essays are not really about Halloween but they contain a common thread about zombies and aliens, a nod to my essay about job hunting that touches on persistence and Ed Wood. They also touch on the concept of cognitive dissonance and other thing going on in my life in 2011.

The Uncanniness of Near Success
An essay about the Uncanny Valley, Tom Petty and an interview I had in December 2010

Things That Go bump in the Night An essay about the Franklin Effect, Bill Burr and being a parent.

They Are Out to Get You An essay about the belief disconfirmation paradigm, JFK and working for the Census.


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