The Things I’ve Done For Money

I’ve been looking for a job for a while now and the conventional methods don’t seem to be working.  The following is a virtual interview that tells the story of who I am from a work perspective and what has happened at every single job I have ever had.  I have tried my best to make it entertaining but I can assure you it is 100% true – warts and all.

The London Free Press: My very first job as an 11yr old paperboy

The Golden Arches: High school and working in fast food

Discus Music World: High school and working at a record store in the mall

Leaving the Nest: Going to university and my first summer jobs

Rock Bottom: 2nd year at university

Super Nova: 3rd year of university

Slack To The Future: Graduating from university

Project Victory: Working at an inventory service company

P.O.S.: Going back to school and getting a job at a point of sale service company

The Unholy Alliance: Working for a computer parts broker

Brand New World: Working for a small insurance claims processing company

Plan 7 from Cyberspace: My current job search

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